The Importance Of Keeping Your Floor Clean In Your Gym

When dust and grime build up on a gym floor, it causes the surface of the floor to look as if its dull. In addition to ruining the look of the floor, dirt, dust, and grime build-up can cause your floor to get scratched and can also harbor lots of unwanted germs and bacteria. If your gym is the type of gym that has invested a lot of money in a proper floor surface, then maintaining and looking after your floor should be a top priority.

A dirty gym floor does not only look bad, but it is also quite dangerous to anyone using it because a floor that is covered in dirt and dust can cause people to slip and fall. Slips and falls in this kind of environment can lead to much more serious injuries due to the fact that people are most of the time engaged in fast-paced exercises or carrying weights to and from their weight lifting areas.

For the reasons above, its quite clear how vitally important it is to keep gym floors clean. By following some simple steps you can keep your gym floor clean thereby minimizing the possibilities of accidents due to slips and falls from a dirty floor. Following are the main things one can do to clean and maintain gym floors to great standards.

Place floor mats at all of the entrances to the gym. One of the best approaches to keeping unwanted dirt and dust off your gym floor is by taking action to prevent it from getting there in the first place. If you place mats at every entrance to the gym people will be encouraged to wipe their feet before they enter the gym and leave a large portion of dust at the door. Even if people do not actually stop to wipe their feet, dust will still come off their shoes by just the mere action of them walking on top of the mats. Just make sure that the mats are long enough to ensure that the person has to walk on it for at least a few steps thereby maximizing the time spent on the mat.

Make sure to dry mop on a daily basis. A good choice is a Dredge mop. The absolute minimum that your floor should be dry mopped is once a day. In an ideal world, the floor would be dry mopped two to three times a day and even more if the traffic is above average for the day. Walking on dust can be compared to having pieces of sandpaper glued to the bottom of shoes while walking. This damages the floor very quickly never mind the potential danger of slipping.