Women’s Fashion Has Always Been About More Than Just Style

The last 50 years have arguably seen the most dramatic shifts in fashion trends than any other time in history. Even if you look back only a generation or two, the styles that you would see are drastically different than today’s trends, and mainly for a good reason. Fashion has always been a portrait of the times from a social and political point of view, often reflecting the best and worse of what society values at a particular time in history. As the trend line no doubt continues to run away from the conservative dress codes of our grandparents, to the more liberal styles of today’s pop stars or even dressing in a furry suit if we choose, the reality is that fashion is a progressive movement that will not be stopped.

Purses are a great example of how fashion trend lines have progressed over the century. Purses at one point were large and bulky, often because the woman had to carry a lot of things for the family, making it more of a tote bag then a fashion statement. Over the years, purses have evolved to become smaller and sleeker, and now are often being replaced by a simple wallet only carrying the necessities. Purses in a way signify the feminism movement, showing that women no longer have to carry such heavy burdens if they choose against it.

High-heels have become one of the most iconic symbols of not only contemporary fashion trends but a reflection of the times. Back in the day, heels were more flat, wide, and did not promote a lot of detail. Now, things like Louis Vuitton Red Bottoms or opened-toes are an iconic product and give another example of how far fashion trends have come over the century. Also, now finding a color of high-heels in every flavor is are must for many closets around the world because you never know what might be needed to complete the perfect outfit flawlessly.

The beauty of contemporary fashion is that there are no expectations for what classifies as being in style. In fact, over the years, there has been another shift in fashion towards more casual and comfortable. Brands like Ugg have become household staples, sending a signal that causal dressing, being happy and comfortable, and not feeling the need to prove anything to someone else is a virtue in society. At the end of the day, the term fashion will always maintain different meanings to different people. However, it has and always will be about more than just style alone.