Cosmetic Crackdown

If you cannot move in your bathroom because of your ever-growing mass of beauty goodies, perhaps it’s time you had a spring clean, says Janette from

When was the last time you completed a thorough cosmetic tidy-up? The pressed powder that felt like a clever purchase when you splashed out on it yet made you resemble a drag queen in the cold light of day? And what about those eye shadows compacts that you have barely got any use out of?!

With regards to cosmetics you need to be merciless and unforgiving.

Foundations and tinted moisturisers Follow the standard example as you would any other beauty product, a year if they have been unsealed. If they cultivate an odour or change in consistency, form or colour then these are the signs you must throw them away.

Powder Whether it be loose powder or pressed powder, these can be used pretty much forever as long as you have not allowed them to become clammy in any way. With regard to pressed powders you may find they gather a film, but that can be eroded to expose clean powder below.

Pencils As they are a creamy consistency they should not be kept for longer than a year-and-a-half. Nevertheless if you have a sufficient amount of the pencil remaining, sharpen away more or less an inch of it and then see what the quality is like. If it is still soft and does not cause a hindrance on the skin, and there isn’t any odd smell, you can continue using it.

Lipsticks and lip glosses On the whole these will start to smell after approximately a year. If you are using a brand where they add scent to the item, you may be able to prolong it a little longer, however if there is a peculiar smell or taste it is best to no longer use it. Any germs that are developing in these products will be consumed since they are being worn on your mouth. Those of you with weak bellies have been informed as you can make yourself feel constantly nauseous and never ascribe it to something as commonplace as the humble lipstick that has gone off.

Mascara Three months. If you keep it in the fridge, you may be able to extend it another month at the very most. Indeed, your eyelashes are so important as they are designed to keep bacteria and flotsam and jetsam from falling into your eyes. You can give yourself an awfully unpleasant eye infection even if you are the only person who wears your mascara.