Apply Cat Eye Make Up For A Sexy Or Casual Look

Easily create the sexy cat eye look that Cleopatra wore. Eyeliner and mascara are all that’s needed with these step by step instructions from Janette, a professional makeup technician who specialises in brow tattoos.

Cat eye makeup has been around for hundreds of years. Cleopatra is the most well known historical female to flaunt this sexy style. Angelina Jolie and Amy Winehouse have each put their own spin on cat eye makeup. So, youve seen movie stars walk the red carpet and models walk the runway with this look, and now, with a little practice, you can sport this dramatic look as well.

Liner and mascara are the tools youll need to create this look. Whether its moving day, taking the kids to school or going to the club, cat eye makeup can be just as versatile.

Choose Liquid or Pencil Eyeliner

First, decide if youre going with liquid or pencil liner. If you want the quick casual look of going for a gallon of milk, start with pencil liner. Once you get the hang of it and feel more daring, get the liquid liner out and go bold! Go with black liner. If youre going for the cat eye look, dont try a brown-black. Black is flattering and striking.

Getting Started With Eye Shadow

Once you decide on your liner choice, prepare your eyelid. Neutrals are a good choice to start out. As a general rule, the eyeshadow should be just a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Once you get the hang of it or if you want to go bold, you can use a darker or more colorful shadow. Sweep the shadow over your entire eyelid prior to the eyeliner.

If you choose to use a highlight color, apply it now. Your highlight color should start below the inner portion of the brow. Following the natural arch, apply your highlighter by moving your brush outwards along the underside of the brow.

How To Draw Your Cat Eye Line

Now to the eyeliner. Start at the inner corner of the eye and lightly brush the eyeliner across the lashline toward the outer corner of the eye. Draw the line as close to the lashline as you possibly can. Less is more. You can go over this same line again to fill in any gaps or make the line thicker. A tip Ive learned is if you tip your head and look up toward the ceiling, then down at the mirror your eyelid will close enough to give you a somewhat flatter eyelid.

As you get toward the edge of the outer corner of your eye, slightly turn the liner upward toward your temple. A trick I use is to pretend that Im extending my lower lashline towards my eyebrow. Experiment with how far you go up toward the temple. Fill in any gaps with the eyeliner.

Whether or not you do your lower lashes is totally up to you. If you do, just apply the eyeliner to the lower lashes as you normally would. No need for anything fancy.

If you have a magnifying make up mirror, because it gives you the appearance of a larger canvas, it can help until you feel more confident with your eyeliner. Another helpful tip would be to set a mirror on the counter and rest your elbow to steady your hand.

After you get your eyeliner applied, lets work on the lashes. False eyelashes are perfect for a striking and stunning look. Dont want to do the false eyelash thing? Get your eyelash curler, hold it for 10 12 seconds and apply bold blackest black mascara. Let each coat dry before applying a second coat.

Dont panic if you dont like your first results. A cotton swab dabbed with eye makeup remover can be used to remove any mistakes.